Monday, December 7, 2015


Another sacrosanct true, at least in London. Some of us decide to spend their life working to build a better tomorrow, others to widen their portfolio of properties.

Mr D. Tail believes that owning a house should be a fundamental human right.

A first step would be the government starts to monitor the market and takes action against those who own multiple properties. The trick is to reduce the demand by increasing the offer. Indirectly with taxes and restrictions, those who own 3 or more properties should be forced to sell some of them helping to reduce the demand. Building thousands of new luxury houses or flats won't certainly resolve the issue, on the contrary, it would help to worsen it because the prices would keep rise.

The second step would be starting to say no to overpriced rents fees, and property prices. Too many people intentionally pay more that the property's true value, starting from foreign investors. That creates a domino effect. 

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